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Next monthly Board meeting  - Typically on a Monday mid-month starting at 7:00pm at 2215 Breaks Lane, Chuluota, FL.  All are welcome to attend. 

Those with business to be brought before the Board should provide written notice to the Board no later 14th of the month.

Reminder to maintain ditches and swales to keep them clear.  If you are having trouble with water drainage, please contact St. John's River Waste Management - Bill Carlie @ 407-659-4833 or wcarlie@sjrwmd.com

Executive Board Meeting - TBD

Annual Budget meeting...November 11th, 2017   
9:00am at tract C (pond) - - 2018 Meeting TBD


Current Month's Board Meeting Notes

Picket Downs Phase 4 Annual Budget Meeting, November 11, 2017

Meeting began at 9:05 am at Tract C (pond) location.


Twenty-nine (29) lots represented by homeowners.  There was no Quorum established, therefore, the Board was unable to transact business, which was to vote upon a budget for the 2018 Calendar year and the meeting was officially adjourned.

 General discussions took place following the adjournment of the Annual Budget Meeting.  President Toni Karnitz introduces Board Members and their respective positions.  Toni gave a brief statement explaining that this is her third time as President of this HOA and reviewed the past and present neighborhood and stated one of her goals is to help the neighborhood move past all litigation and bring the neighborhood back together.

 Toni explained that there are two lawsuits at this time.  One lawsuit is still on-going and some information cannot be discussed.  This lawsuit is in negotiations, with hope to settle soon.   The HOA’s insurance, Travelers, has provided defense after Board paid $1,000.00 deductible.   Any additional questions or comments about this lawsuit were taken under advisement.

 Due to rain, the general discussion session was moved to 2800 Wassum Trail.

 Toni said Olson Litigation has ended with a judgment against Pickett Downs Unit IV Homeowners Association in the amount of $238,499.70.  On 3 November 2017, Toni and our Attorney, Ted Estes had a meeting with Mr. Olson and his Attorney, Peter McGrath to find a potential way to pay judgment.  She reviewed the meeting.  Mr. Olson stated that a loan should be secured for this judgment.  Toni advised that she had spoken to 3 different banks and none of them would secure a loan due to the fact we have no assets.  This is not a viable option.  Toni pointed out to Mr. Olson that if the 2018 Budget is passed, the HOA could begin paying this Judgment with $20K in 2018.  Mr. Olson was not in favor of this option and was inclined to take payment in full at one time.

 Toni took this opportunity to introduce Suzy Miller, homeowner and paralegal.  Suzy has been volunteering with the board and Toni thanked her for all of her hard work.

Continuing discussions from the 3 November 2017 meeting with Mr. Olson and his attorney, Toni socialized two more options for paying off judgment, pointing out that nothing can be done without obtaining the required number of votes from the Association. 

These are two options Toni presented on behalf of our HOA at the 3 November 2017 meeting with Mr. Olson:

A one time increase in dues.  Judgment is accruing interest @ 5.17% that would make Decembers total $243.262.96.  The longer the judgment stays unpaid, the more interest it will accrue.  Next years rate will be 5.35%.  One time assessment of approx. $2775.00 per lot.  This would take a vote to pass.

A three-year increase in dues.  Each year would be approx. $972.00 per lot.  This would also have to be voted on to pass.  After payment of judgment is complete, dues would return to $399.00 annually.

Mr. McGrath only talked about a Receiver. 
This will not require a vote and would be appointed by the Court.  The Receiver would be paid for by HOA and could cost anywhere from $10,000-$20,000.  The Receiver would take over for the Board during this time and would assess each homeowner equally.  The court appointed Receiver would also advise when payment would be due.   If a homeowner is unable to pay, the Receiver would place a lien against your home and would move to foreclose to collect the monies necessary to pay that portion of the Judgment   Toni advised Mr.  Olson and Mr. McGrath that both the individual and the Association would request appropriate Releases once payment was made.  Toni reminded Mr. McGrath and Mr. Olson that there are a lot of new families in the neighborhood and this may cause a hardship.  Mr. McGrath said that they could go to court and claim hardship.  The court would rule on case by case.  The Court may grant hardship. 

These are two options but they are just the Boards thoughts.  The Court may not even grant the opportunity of either.   Mr. Olson is not open to anything but a Receiver.

 It was expressed that there is no communication in the neighborhood besides Social Media.  Toni stated that Pickett Downs Phase 4 does have a website with all board members emails.   Please email with any questions or comments anytime.

 Homeowners proposed new wording in Covenants for legal actions, easement issues and more.  Toni asked for them to be submitted in writing to the board to discuss.  This would be something that would also require a vote.

 Drainage:  Toni expressed her frustration with St Johns water management, stating she has sent 3 emails and two phone calls and have not gotten a response.  If you're having trouble with water drainage, please contact  St. Johns River Water Management - Bill Carlie @ 407-659-4833 or wcarlie@sjrwmd.com 5th

 Vegetative Violation letters have been mailed out to lot and homeowners whom have not been maintaining their ditches.  Ditch maintenance is the owners responsibility.

 Any homeowner that has experienced flooding, please also check website for phone numbers and emails of persons to contact at SJWM.  Maybe if we work together on this, we may get a better response.


In closing:

1.   Please vote!  If this Budget does not pass then it will automatically go back and follow last years budget. 

2.  Socializing choices for litigation.  Must have a vote.  There will be a special meeting set up for this.  This may be moot because Mr. Olson wants court to appoint Receiver. 


Your Board will have two openings in May. 
Mr. Joe Sala and Brian Spiess have served their time.  If interested, please email one of the Board Members.

Carla Baird would love to have a cookie exchange in December.  
Sunday, Dec. 10th 2:00 @ at the lake.  If anyone is interested, please email her.  Her email is on the website.

General Discussions ended at 10:44am.

Submitted by Carla Baird, your Board Secretary










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