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Board of Directors Openings - There will be two opening on the Board of Directors in May 2018.  Each Board Member serves a two-year term.  If you are interested in volunteering your time to serve as a Director on you Association's Board, please contact Toni Karnitz at tonikarnitz@gmail.com  prior to 30 March 2018.

Next monthly Board meeting  - April 9, 2018 @ 7:00 pm, 2215 Breaks Lane  All are welcome to attend. 

Annual Meeting ...May 12, 2018  - 9:00am at Tract 'C'   -The Pond on Warner Drive...bring a chair.  In the event of inclement weather, meeting will be held at 2800 Wassum Trail.

Those with business to be brought before the Board should provide written notice to the Board one week prior to any board meeting.

Reminder to maintain ditches and swales to keep them clear.  If you are having trouble with water drainage, please contact St. John's River Waste Management - Bill Carlie @ 407-659-4833 or

Please see two documents added to document section of this website
- Mailing Path Forward - 26 Feb 2018
- Motion to Appoint Receiver - 21 Feb 2018

Minutes from Monthly Board Meetings

February 12,  2018    Pickett Downs Phase 4

Executive Board Meeting


Attendees:  Toni Karnitz, Joe Sala, Brian Spiess, Carla Baird, 
                       Daymon Lawrenson, Suzy Miller and Gary



Meeting began at 7:05.


Minutes from January 2018 executive board meeting were read.  Toni Karnitz made a motion to accept, Joe Sala seconded and approved by all members.


Old Business:


Certified letter to lot 192 was returned due to incorrect address.  Correct address received and noted.


Reviewed dues received and noted six lots were still unpaid.


Brian Spiess stated that Tax report has been prepared.


Outstanding bills - 

1.     UPS store for yearly mailbox rental in amount of $359.52.

Toni Karnitz made motion to pay, Joe Sala seconded.  Approved by members.

2.     North Lake Pickett Easement Association (Lake Dues) in     

amount of $2,225.00.  Toni Karnitz made motion to pay, Brian Spiess seconded.  Approved by members.

3.     Sunshine Mowing in amount of $1,100.00.  Toni Karnitz         

made motion to pay, Joe Sala seconded.  Approved by all members.

4.     Bouchard Insurance (Directors insurance) for

Policy in amount of $1,089.00 for June 2018-June 2019.  After clarification of bill, Toni Karnitz made motion to pay, Carla Baird seconded.  Approved by all members.

5.     Divine and Estes – to review writ of execution for $55.00.

Toni made motion to pay, Joe Sala seconded and all members approved.

6.     Karen Copeland and Associates, PA in amount of $285.00

for tax work and filing of taxes.  Toni Karnitz made motion to pay, Joe Sala seconded and approved by members.

7.     Aquatic Weed Control, Inc , yearly contract for $2,750.00.

Toni Karnitz made motion to pay, Joe Sala seconded and approved by members.


Past due Dues – Call Wean and Malco by Tuesday, Feb.20, 2018.


New Business:


ACC approved plans for Lot 244 for Garage.


Website – Toni Karnitz will contact Dan Hopkins, web designer, to update site.


Olson Litigation- Reviewed.  Board agreed that a Court appointed Receiver was best path forward.  Plan is to put to letter to Homeowners in mail no later than February 26, 2018.


Next meeting -March 5, 2018 at 2215 Breaks Lane, 7pm.


Meeting adjourned at 8:45pm.


Minutes submitted by Carla Baird, Secretary.

March 2018 Notes -  To follow




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