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ACC Openings - There are two opening on the ACC Board.  If you are interested in volunteering your time to serve, please contact Toni Karnitz at tonikarnitz@gmail.com or Daymon Lawrenson.

Reminder:  Now is the time to maintain ditches and swales to keep them clear.  If you are having trouble with water drainage, please contact St. John's River Waste Management - Bill Carlie @ 407-659-4833 or wcarlie@sjrwmd.com  

Minutes from Annual Board Meeting:

MINUTES – 2018 Budget Meeting

 November 17, 2018


Attendees:  28 members were present.  No Quorum.

Executive Board AttendeesToni Karnitz, President, Stan Marko, Vice President, Brian Barnett, Treasurer, Carla Baird, Secretary and Daymon Lawrenson, Architectural Review Board (ARB) Chair


A.  President Toni Karnitz gave a litigation up-date.  She read aloud the Order imposing assessment to satisfy outstanding final judgment and Order appointing Receiver to enforce and collect assessment.

Discussion and questions asked and answered.


B.  Toni then discussed the possibilities of hiring a management company.


C.  Brian Barnett then read 2019 Proposed budget.


D.  Patty Guise discussed upcoming Cookie Exchange on Dec. 15th and Jaime Dickerson discussed the Christmas light competition for the neighborhood.


Meeting was adjorned.


Respectfully submitted,


Carla Baird - Secretary

Minutes from Monthly Board Meetings

August 20, 2018

Attendees: Toni Karnitz, Brian Barnett, Stan Marko, Carla Baird and homeowners Gerald and Corinne Samson.

Old Business: 

      1.  Homeowner claims he has a credit with Association that he should have received at    

closing.  More investigation needed.

2.  Weams and Malchow bill has addition of $20 for recording fees.  

      3.   Discussed River Cross Development voting results.  Will stay on top of issue.

      4.  Discussed Reminder letter on rules and neighborhood for welcome packet.

      5.  Property Management Company – put on hold until after Judgement is concluded.

      6.  Hearing dates set for Receivership Wednesday, October 24, 2018.

New Business


         1.  Treasurer’s Report – on Budget.  Discussed budget going forward. 


         2.  Pricing and getting 3 bids to further implement curbing to preserve roads.


         3.  Call insurance about logs/sticks in yard along road.    

Carla moved to adjourn the meeting at 8:30 pm.  Toni seconded the motion.

Next meeting scheduled for Sept 24, 2018.


Respectfully submitted,


Carla Baird - Secretary






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